Bruno Hubert: Candid Window Into a Secret

Bruno Hubert recorded himself playing with his usual Friday night trio at Vancouver’s groovy East-side Commercial Drive club, The Libra Room, back in January 2013. With this fortuitous recording you get better than a ring-side seat to Bruno’s trance-inducing medley performance of jazz standards.

Bruno had made this club his musical home for many years until April of last year when the effects of Cascadia’s seismic indigestion produced a catastrophic reflux into The Libra Room’s plumbing fixtures wreaking havoc. Rumors have been simmering that one of Vancouver’s most pleasing jazz music venues may be close to repaired and soon to welcome revelers and students of hip once again. Let’s hope so.

And, if the stars align, Monsieur Hubert may once again send Vancouver off into another Friday night of mirth and merry making.


Bruno Schubert Quartet – Live at The Libra Room

Bruno Schubert Quartet
Bruno Schubert is a unique and (to me) shockingly delightful surprise on the Vancouver Jazz scene. In fact, I wouldn’t restrict this assessment to just the local Vancouver Jazz microcosm. I have been studying, playing and listening to jazz constantly for 35 years and Bruno is the real thing. Rather than try to explain why I think he is important, I would just invite you to listen to his playing, and indeed his arranging and the way he compels his group (listen to his maraca and tamborin work) through his unique and entrancing treatment of Love For Sale with a deceptive Night In Tunisia intro.

Full Album release is coming soon.

Mike Allen Quartet – Live At CBC Studio 700

Mike Allen performed with his quartet at CBC Studio 700 on November 7th as part of the Legacy Jazz Society Series. In this particular instantiation of the quartet Mike was joined by Steve Holy on Bass, Sharon Minemoto on Keyboard and Dave Robbins on Drums.

This is a sneak peek of a longer recording by The Jazz Shed of this performance. More will follow soon.
Special thanks to Dexter Gregoire for the beautiful filmography.